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Page history last edited by Kenneth Finnegan 12 years, 3 months ago

Project Euler Problem #11


The hardest part of this problem, by far, was formatting the huge list of numbers so it would be useable in the program.  I originally tried scanning it in as a string, but it was giving me problems (I hate strings), so I decided to convert them straight into an array using some vim-foo.


1) copy paste 20 lines of numbers into vim.

2) add { } to the beginning and end.

3) In command mode "19J", which moves the next 19 lines onto this on, to make one line of numbers.

4) ":s/ /,/g" substitute commas for all the spaces

5) ":s/,0/,/g" removes any of the numbers that happen to be lead by a 0, since they look like they're in octal.


From there, I resorted the one long array into a [20][20] array, which I did all the work on, which was pretty trivial.





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